this week

Since finishing Lost in a Good Book, my focus this week has been primarily on two books:

Hands of My Father, by Myron Uhlberg — This is actually a promo copy I won through Goodreads.  It’s a memoir by a hearing man born to two deaf parents.  I’m about 20 pages in, and it’s holding my attention so far.   The family history alone is intriguing, but what makes the book even more so is the time period.  Uhlberg was born in 1933, and his descriptions of Depression-era Brooklyn are captivating in themselves.  I’m sure I’ll have more to add as I move further along. 

Second Chance, by Jane Green — Green’s novels definitely fall into the “chick lit” category: not quite romance, but still undeniably written specifically for women.  I’ve read (and listened, as is the case with this one) to a few books by Green before.  She can be a little meandering as a writer – somtimes her timeline is difficult to pin down, and transitions aren’t always clear or smooth – but she creates characters that you really feel like you get to know, and her plots (although not entirely unpredictable) do tend to be a little fresher and a little more varied than others in the genre.  This one’s the story of a group of estranged friends brought back together by the death of the only one of the group to have stayed in touch with each of them, and how their reconnection makes them examine their own lives.  If you have read and enjoyed Jennifer Weiner (Little Earthquakes, In Her Shoes) Green’s worth a try.


~ by Molly on January 15, 2009.

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