writing with no reservations

I know Anthony Bourdain as a respected chef and a TV personality, and I think I even knew he’d written food-related books.  But a novelist?  I’d had no idea until I spotted his book The Bobby Gold Stories in the fiction section of the library.  A huge Top Chef fan (on which Bourdain occasionally appears as a guest judge), I picked it up out of curiosity. 

A chapter in, the idea of Bourdain as a novelist is starting to make sense.  Bourdain’s blunt, no-nonsense persona is what makes him a successful host of his travel/food show, the title of which — No Reservations — seems to be a pretty apt description of the way he eats, cooks, travels, critiques, and (I now realize) writes.   The novel opens with the protagonist being placed under arrest for trafficking cocaine, and the following pages include a rush of profanity and graphic images as Bobby Gold finds himself in prison. 

I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to read any further.  It’s not badly written, but the style is a little choppier than I personally tend to care for, and Bobby Gold, as a character, hasn’t grabbed me yet.   Still, it appears to be a quick read, so serious Bourdain fans might enjoy this insight into the chef’s imagination.


~ by Molly on January 16, 2009.

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