to kindle or not to kindle

My husband loves gadgets. All sorts. I tend to be a late(r) adopter; rather than wanting to try something for the sake of the experience, I generally have to be fully convinced that this particular gadget will, in fact, make my life easier.

The Kindle has been a topic of discussion in our house of late. With the amount I read (and the number of books I carry around with me), he just can’t understand why I’m not desperate to have one.  But I’m not sold on the idea quite yet.  For one, I like the feel of books, at least in my hand if not in my bag.  For another, I’m not entirely sure I’ll like reading primarily from a screen rather than a page. 

So I’m curious to hear the opinions of anyone else who has bought — or considered buying, or decided not to buy a Kindle — and their reasons for the decision.  Your thoughts?


~ by Molly on January 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “to kindle or not to kindle”

  1. I struggle with this, too. I love watching my bookmark “move” towards the back of the book. I like holding books and flipping pages. I just don’t know if the Kindle (or similar device) will make me enjoy the experience as much. I do think it would be easier/lighter than carrying around books in my bag — and probably better on the environment.

    • The environmental aspect is definitely a pro — not just because it reduces materials used, but also because going digital saves the resources used on shipping, packaging, etc. And of course, the cost is a con (although you’d regain some of it buying cheaper digital books rather than the more expensive hard copies). But I certainly agree that it is that experience that is the key, and I just don’t know that it would be the same.

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