reading in a better world

There are tons of advantages to being from a book-loving family.  

  • Amazing book recommendations — in fact, some of my now-favorite authors were suggested to me by aunts.
  • Endless book borrowing/swapping/stealing. 
  • Guaranteed topics of conversation at family gatherings.
  • Simplified gift-buying — it’s always easier to shop for a reader.
  • Great tips on bookstores and sales.

It’s the last one that’s come up today.  An email from a cousin (thanks, Jes!) brought a really great online bookstore to my attention. sells both used and new titles, ships for free, collects and distributes unwanted books in order to prevent waste, offers the option of shipping carbon neutral through offsets, and raises funds for global literacy.  

The company’s efforts to live up to its name through eco-friendly practices and raising funds for literacy are great, and they definitely deserve business just for that.  I’d like to say that this is why I will become a regular customer.

But, to be entirely honest, what will truly win me over is the free shipping on used books.  I love used books.  And I hate paying for shipping.  With Amazon and similar booksellers, the used books are usually sold – and shipped – from a third party, and therefore are not a part of the company’s free shipping deals.  So now I know exactly where to go to buy used books without eating the shipping costs.

But I think all that other stuff they do is amazing, too.  Really.

~ by Molly on February 4, 2009.

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