what’s on your list?

I’m just starting Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden (an advance copy of the US publication to be released in April).  I’ve never read Morton before, but the premise has caught my attention, and I’m looking forward to getting into it. 

The problem is, I’m also looking forward to getting into the two Laurie Halse Anderson YA novels I’ve mentioned, as well as Sarah Dessen’s newest, and countless other books.  My to-read list is LONG.  And I add books to it much more quickly than I scratch them off.

Are you the same way, or do you just randomly decide what to read next?  If you do have a list, what’s on it?


~ by Molly on February 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “what’s on your list?”

  1. At the moment I have three books started, and I’m reading anything and everything to avoid the big scary book for my history class. I’m more than half way through The Color Purple, and Fight CLub and made it almost to the end of the first Chapter in Skinny Bitch before I realized I would have to change my entire life to obey any of the rules.

    P.S. Sarah Dessen’s newest is good but not her best. I was slightly disappointed.

  2. I have many lists! But here is what I have on hand to read: “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn, “Censored 2009”, edited by Peter Phillips and Andrew Roth, “The Doctor’s Plague” by Sherwin B. Nuland, “Lorna Doone” by R. D. Blackmore, “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” by Sogyual Rinpoche, and “Home to Italy” by Peter Pezzelli. I’m also working slowly on my resolution to finish reading Shakespeare’s more popular works. I rarely randomly decide, I’ve always got so many on my to read list. So many books, so little time….

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