sick day

I’ve been hit hard by either a really bad cold or a moderate flu, and so I’m home today.  As a kid, staying home sick always made for good reading days, probably because I wasn’t that sick to begin with or because I bounced back faster.  Now, in an effort to be a responsible adult, sick days are rarer, and the sicknesses that cause them usually more drastic.  This means that reading for hours at time just isn’t going to happen because sleeping is far more important. 

But sometimes you need something to pass the time between naps.  Some of my favorite sick day time passers are the Harry Potter audiobooks — for anyone who hasn’t tried these, I strongly recommend them.  Jim Dale’s narration is absolutely incredible, and the familiarity of the story is perfect for a day when it hurts to think.  I start one on my iPod and drift in and out of the story as I drift in and out of sleep.  

Now, I’m off to get a ginger ale and then climb back in bed.  Here’s hoping you all stay well, and that my head will soon be clear enough to get back to my other books.


~ by Molly on February 9, 2009.

One Response to “sick day”

  1. I so relate to Harry Potter on audio books – Jim Dale must do a hundred characters and they are almost all immediately recognizable – I quickly become immersed….as I have listened to them all at least 10 times (except the half blood prince because I cry too much) I don’t have to concentrate. Hope you feel better.

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