I’m a sucker for “Best of” lists.  I will typically read one even if I’m not really that interested in the subject.  But put out one today that I was reasonably interested in — 25 Best Blogs 2009.  It’s not a bad list, but there’s nothing on there that I read on a regular basis.  My list — which is much shorter, by the way — would look more like this:

Tuned In — A TV/pop culture blog by Time columnist James Poniewozik; this one is an absolutely-must-read-daily for me, and I quote it altogether too often.

Going Through Channels — Another TV blog, wittily written by the clever people at Televion Without Pity.

Swampland — Time magazine’s political blog.  (Warning — don’t spend too much time trying to make sense of the comments.  People there can get ridiculous and, on occasion, vicious.)

Inhabitat — a blog on green design.

The Book Lady’s Blog — One of many great book blogs I’ve discovered via Twitter.  (There is seriously an amazing network of book-lovers on Twitter.  It’s unbelievable.)

Flashlight Worthy Books — Another Twitter find.

Although I can’t claim that’s it’s a favorite yet, since it has just been launched today, The Book Club (hosted by The New Yorker) looks to be promising as well.

So what are your favorites?  Any that you just can’t miss without your day feeling incomplete?


~ by Molly on February 17, 2009.

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