how do you find your books?

As I’ve mentioned before, my to-read list is out of control.  I add books to it at a much faster rate than I cross them off.  I have a number of sources to blame for this:

1) Goodreads — This is such a great website for sharing books with others, documenting what I’ve read, and discovering new books to read (or being reminded of books I’ve been meaning to read).  It’s this last part that gets me in trouble.  Each glance through the Recent Reviews inevitably adds 1 or 2 books to my to-read list, but I can’t help myself.  I love knowing what books are out there and what people are thinking of them.

2) Book Lust — This book of book lists is responsible for a large portion of my to-read list.  The author, Nancy Pearl, gives brief descriptions of hundreds of books, making them all (well, nearly) sound like must-reads.  She’s also put out More Book Lust and Book Crush (for children’s and YA lit), but I haven’t tackled them yet.  I need to cross off a few more off from Book Lust first.

3) Garage Sales/Bookstore clearances — Cheap books are easily my greatest shopping weakness.  I rarely buy full-priced books, even if it’s something I desperately want to read, but I’m a sucker for any even slightly interesting title if it’s under $3.  This is why I have shelves full of unread books at home, many of which I hadn’t even heard of before buying. 

4) Family bookshelves — It’s hard to avoid scanning the shelves of my mother’s and sisters’ bookcases when I visit, and even harder to resist pulling off the interesting titles and taking them home with me.  And so I have a stack of borrowed books at home, just waiting to be read. 

I used to browse libraries and book stores more, but I’ve ended up with so many unread books at home that I actively resist it now (except for clearance tables; those I just can’t help).

How do you find your books?  Are you a browser, or do you rely on friend recommendations?  And what makes a book go immediately to the top of your list?


~ by Molly on February 20, 2009.

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