haven’t-read-yet list

I’ve read a lot of books.  Not nearly as many as some, I’m sure, but definitely a good number.  Some writers I’ve read one or two works by.  Others, I’ve consumed nearly everything they’ve produced.   

But in spite of my best efforts, there are some great writers out there I just haven’t gotten to yet.  Here is a brief excerpt from what I imagine would be a very long haven’t-read-yet list were I to take the time to construct it fully:

John Updike
Norman Mailer
Leo Tolstoy (all Russians really — that’s an entire group I haven’t gotten to, but Tolstoy is the one I plan to tackle first)
Jeffrey Eugenides
Jack Kerouac
Margaret Atwood
Victor Hugo
Annie Dillard
Henry James
James Joyce
David McCullough 

And many, many others… 

Not a lot of women on this list, I’m realizing — though I’m not sure whether that’s because I tend to gravitate toward women writers, and therefore have read more of them, or because (unfortunately) there are fewer of them known as “greats.”   Probably a combination of the two.

So now that you know where my literary education is lacking, what writer(s) have you always wanted to read but have just not found the time for yet?  And in your opinion, which from my list should I read right away, and which (if any) should I steer away from entirely?


~ by Molly on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “haven’t-read-yet list”

  1. Omg, I have one of these lists as well. I have always wanted to read Margaret Atwood too but I am so intimidated by her writing for some reason. I hope it doesn’t fly over my head. I am taking on Ayn Rand at the present – she is quite a revolutionary, not entirely in a positive way though. Oscar Wilde is also up there for me. I must read him as well!

  2. I would definitely recommend Annie Dillard. I also liked Margaret Atwood -“The Handmaid’s Tale” is wonderfully strange. I found Henry James to be a yawn, although I know he’s considered a great author.

    • Dillard is one of those authors that everytime I come across one of her books, I think “I really need to read this.” And then, of course, I move on to something else altogether.

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