distracted again

This blog is called bookhopping for a reason, but even I have to admit that my recent track record is somewhat ridiculous.  I seem to be starting books at a much faster rate than I’m finishing them.  My currently reading list is getting out of control.  I keep getting distracted by whatever new book crosses my path — but I have a feeling that tonight’s new book will not remain unfinished for long.  

It’s rare for me to mark the date of a book release; with so many books — new, old, and everything in between — waiting for me on my shelves, I hardly ever feel the need to run out and buy a book on the day it shows up in stores.  (In fact, the only time I can remember doing this — or pre-ordering — are with the last three Harry Potter installments.)  But I have been semi-patiently waiting for Laurie Halse Anderson’s Wintergirls to arrive in stores ever since I first heard of its publication.  Based on the first few chapters, I’m hazarding a guess that this is her best work since Speak (which, by the way, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year).  

So in spite of my short attention span of late, I’m fairly confident I’ll be focusing on Wintergirls through to the end.  Maybe then I’ll be able to work on finishing some of those others as well.


~ by Molly on March 19, 2009.

One Response to “distracted again”

  1. These days, when it comes to new releases, unless I’ve promised a review or it’s something truly exceptional, I’ve realized I probably won’t get to most htings until the paperback release! 🙂

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