My sister told me today that I might be the geekiest person she knows, and that this is saying a lot since her boyfriend wears a pocket protector. The cause of this comment was my telling her I’d spent my Sunday cataloguing our household’s books into my Macbook.

After inadvertently buying a book we already own last week, and then spending a weekend trying to remember which David Sedaris books we own, my husband and I decided it might not be a bad idea to catalogue our books in order to actually know which ones we already have on our shelves. Fortunately, there’s a program called Delicious Library for Macs that has some cool features — like the ability to enter a book by scanning the barcode with the computer’s camera.

I have to admit to the possibility that I did geek out a little bit. After downloading the program Saturday night, I managed, in less than 24 hours, to catalogue over 450 books. With the exception of any books that I’ve loaned, or lost, or that have slid under furniture, or are hiding in the car, we should have every title in our possession documented. And while I can try to say that I think this is great for the practical reasons of knowing which books we own, and having a list for insurance purposes in case anything were to happen, the geek in me really just has to admit that more than anything else, I just think it’s cool.


~ by Molly on March 31, 2009.

One Response to “geekiest?”

  1. I’m behind on my blog reading, but I am definitely going to check out this program! It sounds awesome… I’m sure Dustin and I would be willing to spend a ‘geeked-out’ Friday night doing this exact same thing.

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