heading south to see sedaris

This weekend, my husband and I are taking a much-needed long weekend to go visit my little sister in Athens, OH. Now that she attends our alma mater, we try to get down to visit both her and our favorite spots a few times a year. We chose this particular weekend because an Athens-native band we love (Southeast Engine) will be playing Saturday night, but we were excited to find out that David Sedaris would be in town the same week as well.

Because my husband and I have such different tastes in books — mostly fiction, with an emphasis on YA lit for me; almost entirely non-fiction, focusing mostly on health care for him — it’s rare for our reading to overlap. Sedaris is probably the one writer we’d both consider to be among our favorites, so when we found out he was speaking on campus this Tuesday, it was a pretty easy decision to extend our weekend trip long enough to hear him.

If you aren’t familiar with David Sedaris, I would definitely recommend checking out his books. He’s the funniest essayist I’ve read, and has absolutely no qualms about mocking himself, his family, and anyone else he might come into contact with. As a gay man who’s had an, um, interesting range of job experiences, has lived in France and Japan, and grew up with what appears to be an incredibly entertaining family, he never seems short of humorous material. I think I’ve read about half of his books — mostly his newer stuff — and while Me Talk Pretty One Day is easily my favorite, there isn’t a single one that hasn’t had me laughing out loud.

After enjoying A.J. Jacobs’s lecture so much last week, I’m really excited for Sedaris’s reading. And since I’ve listened to some of his books on CD, at least I can be pretty sure that this time, I won’t be surprised by the sound of his voice.


~ by Molly on April 3, 2009.

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