this week

Just finished — The Education of Mary by Ann Rinaldi, which I plan to write more about soon…

Actively reading — Still working on American Rust, but I hope to finish that shortly. It’s been going in spurts, but I am nearing the end. Also, have started my Classics Challenge list with A Tale of Two Cities on audio. I have to say, I’m over a quarter of the way in (on CD 4 of 12) and am still not particularly understanding the trajectory of the story. It’s very different than Pip’s direct narrative in Great Expectations, and I know which I prefer. But I am sticking with it.

On the back burner — Jellicoe Road; I have every intention of returning to this once I’m through American Rust…unless something distracts me first.

Looking forward to starting — The Book Thief, which is patiently waiting on my iPod, and David Sedaris’s Naked. His reading this week has put me in the mood to read more of his work soon.

What are you working on?


~ by Molly on April 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “this week”

  1. I have just completed two P.D. James books, A Taste for Death and Original Sin. Love her writing, and have now read over half of her 13 Adam Dalgliesh books.

  2. I am almost finished with Mitchner’s “Hawaii”. Last week I read “Three Men in a Boat(to say nothing of the dog)” by Jerome K. Jerome (I love that name, also love his writing) and “Great Expectations” which I enjoyed much more than I did in high school, if I actually did read it! I know I was supposed to, but the fact that I couldn’t remember the ending leads me to doubt it. Also “Five Quarters of the Orange” by Joanne Harris, very very good.

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