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You might have heard of Rick Castle — he’s the famous writer of the Derek Storm suspense novels. The thing is, Derek Storm isn’t the only made up character; Rick Castle is just as fictional.

In case you’ve missed it, Castle is a new series on ABC. Nathan Fillion stars as the charmingly goofy author Rick Castle who, in the pilot, is pulled into a police investigation looking into murders based on those that occur in his books. He works with Detective Kate Beckett to solve the murders and, seeing as his most recent book killed off his recurring character Derek Storm, decides to base his next protagonist on her, thus requiring him to observe her on the job and creating a reason a novelist would be following around a group of detectives for a prolonged period of time. He, of course, turns out to be the crime solving partner Beckett never knew she needed.

This probably isn’t a show that’s going to be running away with the awards, but it’s funny, which doesn’t happen so often with crime procedurals, and generally enjoyable. Fillion is perfect in the role, and Castle’s off-beat relationships with his teenage daughter and mooching mother round out the episodes nicely.

What intrigues me is the job the writers have — not only do they have to write the scripts for the show, but they also end up having to write pieces of the novels. And from the bits I’ve heard, they’d be novels I’d at least be willing to try. (I was also intrigued by what books were under the Derek Storm dust jackets in a book reading scene in one of the first few episodes, but that’s probably beside the point.)

It got me to thinking — what other fictional books are out there? And which ones would you read if they actually appeared on your bookstores shelves?


~ by Molly on April 14, 2009.

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