I was scrolling through the Recent Reviews page of Goodreads today when I saw a comment on Island of the Blue Dolphins.  This is one of those books that represents a sort of rite of passage as a reader; gripping and beautiful, but requiring a young reader to imagine an existence entirely different than his or her own.  This is also one of those books I read again and again as a kid…and have barely thought of, much less picked up again, since.  

It’s kind of strange when that happens.  I have other childhood favorites — The Giver, Ballet Shoes — that I still revisit from time to time.  My only guess is that I read Island of the Blue Dolphins one too many times and got a little burnt out on it.  (This is also my explanation for my distaste of tomatoes, which my mother swears I ate like apples as a toddler.)

The only other book that I can think of that’s suffered a similar fate is Pilcher’s Coming Home, but seeing as I’ve recently been wanting to pick that one back up it doesn’t seem quite the same.   So I’m curious — what books have you overread?  Do you have any former favorites that, somewhere along the way, lost their appeal?


~ by Molly on April 15, 2009.

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