meeting ana grey

I received a new book this morning — it actually came in the mail yesterday, but sat unnoticed (although fortunately dry) on our doorstep till today. North of Montana is the first installment of a crime/suspense series by April Smith, and I got it from an online giveaway. (Once you start looking for them, you realize there are a lot of free books online that are up for grabs.)

Ana Grey, the protagonist and first-person narrator, is an FBI agent in Los Angeles, part of a unit that focuses on bank robberies. Two chapters in, I’ve already got a sense of what to expect from the book. But I will say it’s keeping my attention, and Knox still has plenty of time to surprise me. Admittedly, this isn’t my favorite genre, but after working my way through the Nazi Germany set Book Thief, the rather ponderous American Rust (which I finished last week and plan to write more on soon), and in the midst of The Tale of Two Cities, a quick, easy read is exactly right for what’s next.


~ by Molly on April 21, 2009.

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