classics challenge update

As I’ve mentioned, I signed up to complete a Classics Challenge — reading 6 classic books, plus a “new” classic between April 1 and October 31.  I started by jumping into the deep end with A Tale of Two Cities, the most intimidating title on my list.  I’ve typically been more successful with Dickens on audio than in hard copy form, so that’s how I’m working my way through this one.  I’m about halfway through now; I’m not disliking it, but I haven’t been swept away like I was with  Great Expectations  by the halfway point.  

I should say I haven’t been entirely swept away.  After the initial establishment of the story, the two cities’ stories have been kept relatively separate up to this point.  I’m finding the London story, and the London characters, to be more compelling, whereas the Paris story is a little more difficult to follow.  Admittedly, this may be my own ignorance showing; I have embarrassingly little knowledge of the French Revolution.  I could tell you the general time period, and that it began because the masses were generally pretty upset with their rulers.  But that’s about it.

But when I left the car today, the violence of the revolution had just begun, so I think I’m about to get a crash course in French history (or at least Dickens’s version of it).


~ by Molly on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “classics challenge update”

  1. I love A Tale of Two Cities, and I find it very different from any other Dickens I’ve read.

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