my buy indie day purchases

I celebrated Buy Indie Day by spending my lunch hour in Every Other Book, an independent used bookstore near campus here in Fort Wayne. Every Other Book is one of those stores that is stacked floor to ceiling with books of all sorts. I stuck mainly to the YA section — a very well stocked one, I might add — and ended up with these:

Shop Indie Bookstores

Shop Indie Bookstores

I’ve heard great things about both and am looking forward to them. And I’m also looking forward to hearing from you — where did you go, and what did you buy?


~ by Molly on May 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “my buy indie day purchases”

  1. Milkweed is an interesting read- a little tough but very thought-provoking. Enjoy it!

  2. Great choices! I intended to head to my local indie, Trappe Book Center, but am under the weather today and will be making that visit later in the week.

    I purchased two books online from Aaron’s Books in Lititz, PA: Maisie Dobbs and Sherlock Holmes in America. I’ve been to Aaron’s several times on trips through Lancaster and have always gotten fantastic service.

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