northanger abbey

I love the world of Jane Austen — long walks in gardens and dancing at balls and beautiful manor homes and traveling across country.  But I also love how she so well understood the intricacies and quirks of that world — the limitations existing in the acceptable communication between men and women; the role of pride in developing relationships; the nonsensical notions sometimes adopted by teenage girls.

But with Northanger Abbey, Austen isn’t just commenting on English society; she’s simultaneously defending novels while gently satirizing the Gothic style of novel.  The result is a witty and humorous work that gives more of a sense of Austen’s true personality than any of her other novels.  Though not my favorite of her work — Pride and Prejudice still holds that place — I found it to be an enjoyable read that gave me a better sense of both Austen as a writer and the society she wrote about and within.

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~ by Molly on June 8, 2009.

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