happy bloomsday

Today, June 16, is Bloomsday.  As is happening increasingly, I learned this from Twitter.  And then went straight to Wikipedia to learn more about it.  (I think I would be entirely ignorant without either of these sources of collective knowledge.  And they complement each other so well — Twitter brings the facts directly to you, and Wikipedia lets you seek out further information.)

Bloomsday, it turns out, is an annual celebration of James Joyce and his novel Ulysses.  It’s observed all over the world, but of course, Dublin is where the real commemorating happens — with dramatic readings, visits to Joyce landmarks, and maybe just a little bit of drinking.

Unfortunately, not being aware of the holiday, I hadn’t scheduled any time to read dramatically or visit landmarks into my day, and I haven’t been able to drink anything stronger than a Coke. But I did celebrate in my own way, by making sure that Ulysses is on my to-read list.  Joyce is one of entirely too many authors I just haven’t read yet, but maybe by the next time Bloomsday rolls around I’ll know what all the celebrating is about.


~ by Molly on June 16, 2009.

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