scary times for libraries

I’ve been hearing a lot about library funding cuts over the past few months.   Our local libraries here in Allen County, Indiana raised fines from 10 cents a day to 25 cents a day a few months ago (apparently an effective move, because it’s certainly increased the amount I contribute to the library each month).  I’ve heard from an aunt that the libraries in Olympia, WA have put more limits on the number of items allowed to be put on hold, among other new policies.

But the current situation of the Ohio libraries is probably the most drastic circumstance I’ve heard of.   The initial proposed budget for the new fiscal year cut the state’s contributions to its public libraries in half.  If passed, this budget would likely result in the closing of many lirbaries throughout the state.  Cincinnati in particular has said it may need to close up to half of its branches, which breaks my heart.  I can’t help but think the branch in Mount Washington, the neighborhood I lived in after finishing grad school, would be one of these closures.  This branch was always busy and at the heart of the community; the closing of it, or others like it, would be incredibly sad. 

An interim budget has been passed which will not affect library funding, and which gives the state government a little more time to brainstorm budget solutions.  For more information on this issue, as well as ways for Ohioans to show their support for their libraries, check out these links:


~ by Molly on June 29, 2009.

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