have you met hyde brothers?

One day not too long ago, my husband and I stumbled upon a block on Wells Street, just north of downtown Fort Wayne, that has now become one of our favorite parts of town.  There’s a great little diner, a Mexican bakery that makes the whole block smell amazing, an ice cream shop, and the best used bookstore I’ve found (at least so far) in Fort Wayne.

Hyde Brothers looks relatively small from the outside, but inside you find room after room of floor-to-ceiling shelves.  The basement level is not for the claustrophobic; the rooms are so tightly packed with shelves (and the shelves so tightly packed with books) that it resembles a maze.  But they seem to carry just about any type of book possibly imagined.

And the staff’s knowledge of this enormous stock is absolutly amazing — on my last trip into the store, I brought a load of books to sell to them.  As the gentlemen at the counter sorted through the piles, they knew at a glance which books they could buy and which they already had plenty of.  No computers, no lists — just a quick glance at a shelf in a couple of cases, and the rest they knew by sight.

So if you happen to be in the Fort Wayne area, be sure to check out Hyde Brothers.  And a stop at the Mexican bakery wouldn’t be a bad idea either…


~ by Molly on June 30, 2009.

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