Ever wonder what other people are reading?

I’ve mentioned my love of Twitter before, and one of the many reasons is the ease of discovering what other people are reading and getting great recommendations for books.  The use of the #fridayreads tag makes it easy to check out whose reading what out there. A few examples from people I follow (as well as my own):    

@bookhopping  THE HELP and BEOWULF ON THE BEACH, among (too many) others #fridayreads


@jchristie I’m reading the first volume of GOTHAM CENTRAL, along with PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE and ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES. You? #fridayreads

@corb21  #fridayreads still working on Wicked by Maguire & thinking about starting Do the Right Thing by Huckabee. Just got My Sister’s Keeper 4 ipod

@KatMeyer  I’m reading Maire Antoinette (Antonia Frasier) and a bazillion Romance Novels (liking “Bet Me” very much). #fridayreads

If you’re curious to see more, just check out the #fridayreads on Twitter.

What are you reading this weekend?


~ by Molly on July 10, 2009.

One Response to “#fridayreads”

  1. I’m reading “Lives of a cell” by Lewis Thomas” and Joy and I are reading “The Phantom Tollboth” for our read-aloud.

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