speaking of health care

Right now, President Obama is on TV discussing his plans for reforming health care in the US — which means a lot of people are thinking  and talking about health care tonight.  But in our house, this is absolutely nothing new.  My husband and I have a lot of books, the majority of which are mine, and the majority of those are fiction.  But his own substantial collection is primarily made up of books about health care: health care reform, health care policy, medical history, medical sociology, health care administration…I think you see the pattern.

And so in honor of the national topic of the night, here are a few of his recommendations.

The Great Influenza (John M. Barry) — A look at the deathly epidemic that swept the country in the early 1900s

Healthcare, Guaranteed (Ezekiel Emanuel) — An examination of the flaws in the current system and one plan intended to reform the system

Critical: What We Can Do About the Health Care Crisis (Daschle, et al) — The former Senator’s proposals to reform the health care system

The American Plague (Molly  Caldwell Crosby) — A history of yellow fever and its spread through the US

The Healthcare Fix (Laurence Kotlikoff) — One economist’s proposed plan to reform health care through a voucher-based system

Redefining Health Care (Michael E. Porter, Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg) — A book of recommendations for health care providers, focusing on strategies to improve quality and efficiency and emphasizing patient value.

There are many, many others on the shelves in his office, but for anyone interested in exploring health care issues or medical history further, try starting with these.  Not having read them, I can’t vouch for the books themselves, but I certainly trust the source!


~ by Molly on July 22, 2009.

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