progress and excuses

After hardly finishing anything in the entire month of June, I’m happy to say I’ve wrapped up four books in the last two weeks —  The Help and The Phantom Tollbooth, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed and plan to write about soon, as well as two audio (Revolutionary Road and Remember Me) which I’ve already reviewed.

Currently, I’m working on Beowulf on the Beach and an advance copy of Dan Chaon’s Await Your Reply, and am listening to Ann Brashares’ The Last Summer (of You and Me) on CD.

However, my progress in A Separate Peace has come to a crashing halt.  But I do have a good, if not entirely original, excuse.

My dog ate my book.  Well, not quite entirely, but enough to make it unreadable.

It seems that our bulldog, Billie, has developed a taste for the classics, in a rather literal sense.  The first book she destroyed was a copy of Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen.  With this latest assault on my library, she seems to be establishing a pattern for her hits: mass market paperback editions of classic works.

The culprit, in a less destructive moment (Photo by Cory Cronin)

The culprit, in a less destructive moment (Photo by Cory Cronin)

So until I find another copy, A Separate Peace is on hold.  And when I do get my hands on one, I’ll do my best to keep Billie’s teeth off of it.

~ by Molly on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “progress and excuses”

  1. Too funny!

    I had to pay for my first library book about 3 weeks ago. My dogs don’t like Nicholas Sparks!

  2. My cat attacked a Sidney Sheldon novel from the library-and just refused to leave it alone. I put it in the car to get it away from her.

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