audio loyalty

Over the past week or two, I’ve been listening to the 4th and 5th installments of the Artemis Fowl books (by Eoin Colfer).  I know I’ve mentioned before that I do a lot of my “reading” through audio books, and I think I’ve also mentioned that not just any book will work well on audio.  If the book has a bad reader (or a voice that’s just too distracting), forget it.  And some styles of books don’t work all that well either, particularly those that make jumps or transitions that you notice easily on a page but can’t be represented vocally.

But some books are just done so well on audio that they’re more enjoyable that way.  And when discovering this about a series or collection of an author’s work, I generally get my hands on as many of their audio books as possible.

I’d count the Artemis Fowl books among these.  The reader, Nathaniel Parker, voices the characters convincingly and dramatically in the spirit of a true storyteller — which is why I’ve requested the 6th installment on audio as well. 

Another audio favorite is David Sedaris.  Sedaris’ essays are hilarious, whether read from the page or heard aloud.  But he performs his own audio books, and hearing his sly sarcastic wit emanating not only from his words but also his tone makes them all the better.  And, of course, Jim Dale’s readings of the Harry Potter books are one of my go-to comforts in life.

So what recommendations do you have?  Any books that absolutely must be done on audio?  I’m always looking for suggestions.


~ by Molly on August 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “audio loyalty”

  1. The Harry Potter series- but you know that already. The Cazelet Chronicle by Elizabeth Jane Howard is one of my favorites – I bought the tapes and am having them converted to cd.

  2. Dick Hill is one of the great unsung narrators working in audio books today. Give a listen to his treatment of Henning Mankell’s Swedish detective Kurt Wallender series, or his reading of any of Michael Connelly’s LA detective Harry Bosch books. Superb.

  3. I could listen to George Guidall (?) anytime! I love his voice – He reads “The Cat Who ….” series with character Jim Quilleran (among other books). Light listening (or reading) …but his voice makes me want to meet Mr. Q. in person.

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