september releases

Somehow, we’ve found our way to the end of August.  I always like September and the start of fall, but this year, I’m particularly excited about a couple of book releases coming up in the next month.  Keep your eyes open for these:

Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) – on sale September 1

This is the sequel to last year’s The Hunger Games, which I just read and absolutely loved.  I plan to post more about The Hunger Games in the next few days, but for now I’ll just say that I expect Suzanne Collins to become a name to know in YA lit in the next few years, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her.

The Guinea Pig Diaries (AJ Jacobs) – on sale September 8

AJ Jacobs has made a career out of doing things that wouldn’t occur to most people to try — or maybe things that it would occur to them to try, but they’d never actually attempt.  In his follow-up to The Know-It-All (where he read the entire encyclopedia in a year) and The Year of Living Biblically (where he followed the laws of the Bible as literally as possible for a year), Jacobs puts together a series of essays detailing his further experiments.  But it’s not just the crazy stunts that make him worth reading; it’s the way he brings thoughtfulness, humor, wit, and irreverence into his writing.

I don’t buy a lot of new books — typically waiting for paperbacks or even used copies to hit the shelves — but for these two I may make an exception.  Are there any new releases you’re waiting for?


~ by Molly on August 29, 2009.

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