quotes and cartoons

I’ve started reading two books this week: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Catch-22.   As good books will do, both have made me really think, though in very different ways.

Catch-22, I’m noticing, is a remarkably quotable book.  Even though I’m not far in (I’m listening to it on CD and am on the 2nd of 16 discs), I’ve already been struck several times by the profundity in certain lines.  This is perhaps my favorite so far: “[I]t was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything.” 

Absolutely True Diary is the story of a high school freshman who decides to attend school off the reservation he lives on, which is practically unheard of in his community.  Junior’s dream is to be a caroonist, and the text of the book is accompanied by his cartoon interpretations of his life.  I’ve been enjoying it but didn’t realize how much it was sticking with me until I caught myself imagining a piece of my own day as a cartoon.  Now, my lack of drawing skills prevented me from actually putting it on paper, but I could picture it in my head as clear as anything.  Once I realized what I was doing, I nearly laughed out loud (though it’s probably a good thing I didn’t, since I was in a work meeting at the time.)  I’d be curious as to whether other readers of the book find themselves doing the same thing.


~ by Molly on September 17, 2009.

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