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I’ve considered including information in my reviews as to where a book comes from and why I’ve chosen to read it, but up until now, I haven’t gotten around to implementing a strategy for doing so.  However, a recent decision by the Federal Trade Commission* has tipped the scales in favor of taking this action. 

As a journalism major, the importance of “who-what-where-when-why-how” were drilled into me.  I’ve decided these little questions could provide readers of my reviews with valuable information as to the context of my reading experience.  So now, you will be finding each review accompanied by the following information:

  • WHO — Who told me about the book or generated my interest in it  Author(s) (UPDATED 10/23)
  • WHAT — Book title
  • WHERE — Where I got the book (library, book store, received as a personal gift, won on Library Thing/Goodreads/Twitter, or review copy sent by publicist/author)
  • WHEN — Date read
  • WHY — Why I’m reading this particular book
  • HOW — Format (audio, hard copy, combination)

I’d love to hear feedback as to whether you feel this information is important, helpful, unnecessary, or even annoying. 

* I do accept review copies for reasons mentioned previously.  I do not accept any sort of payment in exchange for reviews. 


~ by Molly on October 13, 2009.

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