a bookish birthday

Yesterday, I made the transition from my mid-20s to my late 20s.  Being the book geek I am, it’s rare for a birthday to come and go without a book showing up as a gift.  This year was no exception, with my husband (who gets to stay in his mid-20s for another 8 months) making up for the multiple cracks about my age by including three wonderful books among my gifts.

The first was A.J. Jacobs’ The Guinea Pig Diaries, which I came so close to buying myself last month but resisted (and have now been rightfully rewarded for doing so).  Having loved everything I’ve read by Jacobs, I’m expecting some very funny stuff.

The other two were more surprising, but certainly just as welcome: two turn-of-the-century editions of Louisa May Alcott’s works.  One is a beautiful brown and gold-covered 1902 printing of Rose in Bloom. The other is a green-covered copy of Marjorie’s Three Gifts; though I can’t find a printing date in it, we found a postcard dated (though never mailed) 1910.  Both are absolutely beautiful and made for amazing gifts.  My only problem now is to decide whether to read them or not.  Up till now, I’ve only ever read Alcott’s Little Women trilogy. Owning these makes me want to get to know their stories, but I’m afraid to put the frail 100-year-old pages through any exertion, so it may be time for a trip to the library.

I can’t help but wonder if this will be a gift my husband comes to regret in the long-term.  I’m currently in the middle of reading the fascinating The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, which chronicles a string of thefts in the rare book world by a man who craved the ownership of valuable editions.  Reading about the world of book collectors has already whetted my interest in the treasures out there, and this small taste of owning beautiful books with histories of their own is only increasing that.  Let’s just hope my intrigue remains within my budget — and the law.


~ by Molly on October 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “a bookish birthday”

  1. I may have told you before, but Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom are my favorite Alcott books. I can’t believe you haven’t read them. Don’t read Rose in Bloom until you have read Eight Counsins. and yes, get it from the library!

  2. Happy belated Birthday!

  3. […] WHO: Louisa May Alcott WHAT: Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom WHERE: Free (public domain) downloads to my Kindle iPhone app WHEN: October/November 2009 WHY: Intrigue sparked by a lovely birthday present […]

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