This is the first year I’ve really tracked what I’ve read in any detail. I’ve kept a running list of “books read” for a few years, and started using Goodreads about a year and a half ago to keep up with what I’ve finished as well as what I would like to read. But this year, for the first time, I started keeping a specific “read-in-2009” list; this, along with my posts here, have left me with a pretty good idea of what I actually read this year.

So in case you’re interested (and I promise I won’t be offended in the slightest if you aren’t), here are my 2009 reading statistics:

  • Total books read: 63-ish*
  • Books read/completed for the first time: 54
  • Books re-read: 9
  • Newly published (in 2009): 16
  • Young Adult/Juvenile: 32
  • Fiction: 58-59**
  • Nonfiction: 4-5**

I’m not sure what exactly this information tells you/me, except that I average just over a book a week, I clearly prefer fiction, and I read quite a bit of YA lit — any of which you probably already know from reading this blog.  You can see the full list of what I read this year here, if you’re curious. 

What about you?  Do you track what you read?  How, and in how much detail?  And if so, what trends did you notice in your own 2009 reading?

*It is entirely possible that I’ve missed listing a book at some point. It’s also entirely possible that I’ve read some books (say, certain installments of a boy wizard series, for example) multiple times, but I’ve only counted each title once. I have also not counted books that were not finished.

**This depends on whether you consider Jack Kerouac’s On the Road fiction or non-fiction.  The library’s designation depends on the edition…


~ by Molly on December 30, 2009.

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