catching up with 2009, part 2

One final effort to catch up with the readings of last year, and then I will move on to 2010 — I promise.

The Guinea Pig Diaries, by A.J. Jacobs

Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows I am definitely a fan of A.J. Jacobs.  And Jacobs’ newest publication, a collection of essays, does nothing to dispel my admiration for his body of work.  Each essay is about a different experiment Jacobs conducted, with himself as the guinea pig: out-sourcing his life, practicing rational thought or extreme honesty, or following his wife’s orders for a month, among others.  And each is just as frank, insightful, and extremely funny as I found his other books to be.  This is one of those books that might be best read at home, because you will almost certainly be finding yourself giggling out loud.

On the Road, by Jack Kerouac

I wrote a little about my first impressions of Kerouac previously, and those thoughts still hold true.  The book held my attention, for the most part, which I was listening to it, and it certainly allowed me to view  certain parts of the world through a new lens.  For those reasons, and because it was written by an author who made a cultural impact on our country, I’m glad I read it.  But essentially, Kerouac’s style of writing is not my style of reading.  My husband is insisting that I try Kerouac’s Dharma Bums, and I may do so at some point, but I don’t see myself becoming a regular reader of the beat writers.


~ by Molly on January 12, 2010.

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