merry belated christmas

Back around Christmas, I put up a few posts about all of the books I received and all of the books we gave for the holidays.  But I did happen to leave out any mention of the most exciting gift I received…primarily because I had not received it yet.

But now it is here, and I proudly present…

My nook!!!

My husband and I both decided we wanted e-readers for Christmas, but we were split as to which ones.  He, ever the tech-geek, had read tons of great things about the Kindle and wanted to go that way.  I, the book-geek, was a little more willing to risk the unknown in exchange for having pretty book covers of all my favorite novels appear in the pretty touch screen menu of the newly released nook.   Since we had some reward certificates for Amazon, the remaining cost of the Kindle was my Christmas gift to him.  I, in turn, told anyone who asked me what I wanted for Christmas that Barnes and Noble gift cards would be much appreciated.  This worked so well that I managed to end up with not only a nook, but enough credit for a nice case to put it in and a number of e-books as well.

And I love it.  I haven’t always been sure about the e-reader thing.  I like the feel of a book in my hand, and I love the way my books look on my shelves.  I’ve had the nook for a couple of weeks now, though, and I’m sold.  As it turns out, they don’t actually make you throw away all of your hard copies of books when you buy an e-reader.  And the cover I bought simulates the feel of a book quite nicely — but the difference is it currently holds about 20 books between its covers (with room for lots and lots more), rather than just the one.

I was able to download a number of public domain favorites for free  (Pride and Prejudice; Jane Eyre; Little Women; and My Antonia, to name a few), and bought a couple of other stand-bys that I won’t mind always having at my fingertips (Bridget Jones’ Diary; Postmortem) as well as a few new releases I’ve heard great things about (Twenties Girls; Juliet, Naked).   I’ve also been able to download some samples of books I’m curious about but not entirely sure are my type of read, which is definitely a nice feature.

I’ve finished two books in their entirety on the nook so far, and reading on it is a perfectly comfortable experience.  It’s easy to hold, and the e-ink screen (as opposed to a backlit screen) reads similarly to a paper page.  The touch screen responds  well, and the battery seems to last FOREVER.  (I literally only need to charge it once a week, if that.)  My only real complaint is with the sleep settings for the lit touch screen — it feels like it stays on way too long on the 30-second setting, but the 10-second setting has it turning off too quickly sometimes (though I still prefer it), and there’s no in-between option.  Overall, though, I’m really happy with it and thrilled that I can be constantly carrying a couple dozen books with me at any given time.

Not that this necessarily means I’ll stop carrying others with me as well…


~ by Molly on January 29, 2010.

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