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Not too long ago, I mentioned in passing how our public library now is offering downloadable audio books.  But considering my increasing infatuation with this feature, I thought maybe I should write a little bit more about it.

Always before, listening to audiobooks has either meant listening to the CDs (almost exclusively while driving) or importing the CDs into iTunes and transferring the tracks to my iPod, and both of these methods have their drawbacks.  When I worked at my last job, I commuted 45 minutes each way and moved through books on CD pretty quickly.  Now I spend maybe 25 minutes in my car on a normal day, so getting through any one book entirely on CD can take quite awhile.  Importing CDs into iTunes allows me to put the book on my iPod and therefore listen to it more conveniently (both in and out of the car), but the process can be a headache.  The importing itself takes awhile, and it’s almost inevitable that an audiobook borrowed from the library will have tracks, if not entire discs, that the computer can’t read. 

Oh, and audiobooks, whether digital or on CD, are expensive.  So I rarely buy them.

All of which means I was thrilled to discover I can download audiobooks from the Allen County Public Library’s web site.  They have a great selection of classics, and a reasonable (though lacking in some areas) selection of contemporary fiction and non-fiction.  And the ease of downloading them and the convenience of having them on my iPod means I’m moving through audiobooks at an unprecedented (at least for me) speed.  Within the last few weeks, I have listened to Slam, The Friday Night Knitting Club, A Little Bit Wicked, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and Pride and Prejudice.  (Also, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which goes to show the extent of my audio-spree, but was actually a free download from I think they were trying to bribe me to give them money, but it hasn’t worked yet.) 

It’s a great feature, and one I would definitely recommend trying out if offered at your public library.  Now if only they would start lending e-books as well.  I would never have to buy another book again.

Well…not as many anyway.


~ by Molly on April 2, 2010.

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