seeking beach books

So there was a lot of debate involved, but my husband and I have finally decided where we are going for vacation at the end of the month: North Carolina’s Outer Banks (followed by a few days of exploring our nation’s capital).  Now that we have our reservations made, I just keep imagining the beach, and the ocean, and glimpsing dolphins swimming out in the waves.  (I’ve read several hotel reviews that say you can really see them.)  In other words, I’m ready to leave.  Immediately.

Unfortunately, I have to be patient for a few more weeks, and so I’m going to distract myself by making plans for the trip — what to pack, where to eat, and, of course, what to read.  

So, I need some help.  My timing being what it is, I actually just finished a book (The Opposite of Me) that would have been great for vacation.  At the moment, I’m still working on John Adams, but while I’m not sure I’ll finish it beforehand, I’m having trouble imagining reading it on the beach.  (Though it does seem fitting while in D.C.)  Therefore, I need suggestions.  What would be your pick for a light, fun summery read?


~ by Molly on June 8, 2010.

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