book blogger appreciation week

In order to raise awareness of all of the great book blogs out there, a group of individuals joined forces a couple of years ago to put together Book Blogger Appreciation Week (henceforth known as BBAW, because that’s too much to type repeatedly).  BBAW is a chance for bloggers and readers to discover new blogs and honor those they most appreciate.  I’ve registered bookhopping on BBAW, and I look forward to connecting with blogs and bloggers I haven’t yet had the chance to.

When registering, I had to classify my blog.  Seeing as I don’t exactly limit myself in what types of books I cover, I categorized bookhopping as “Eclectic.”  (The only other category that might have been close is Young Adult, but that’s maybe half of what I read, so eclectic is probably more accurate.)  Part of the registration process is to share five posts that best represent bookhopping in this category, and these are the posts that seem to best show my eclectic-ness (at least, from the past year):

every last one


the man who loved books too much

an austen-ish april

non-fiction round-up

The BBAW registration also asks that I link to what I feel are my best written posts.  Though my readers are certainly welcome to disagree, these are the posts that I would pick (at least in this particular moment):

every last one


an austen-ish april

the mysterious benedict society: the perilous journey and the prisoner’s dilemma

twenties girls

So if you’re visiting bookhopping as a new reader directed here by BBAW, welcome!  And if you’re a regular reader, make sure you check out the BBAW web site and visit some of the featured blogs — there are so many great sites out there devoted to reviewing and discussing books, and a lot of dedicated people who run them.  But either way, I hope you keep coming back to bookhopping.  Happy reading!


~ by Molly on June 11, 2010.

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  1. […] to participants who were asked to vote for long list contenders in various categories.  Since I registered for the Eclectic and Best Written categories, those were the categories I voted on as well.  And […]

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