this week

Just finished: Middlemarch and Whitethorn Woods, both on audio, and a little before that John Green’s YA novel An Abundance of Katherines.  Middlemarch started slow but grew on me — in my hierarchy of literary classics, I’d place it below my favorite Austen works, but slightly above her other novels (all of which I’ve enjoyed). Whitethorn Woods was far from my favorite of Binchy’s work, but that may be largely because of the style.  It’s mainly written as a series of first-person short stories, all tying in to a bigger picture, which just isn’t my favorite way to put together a novel.  An Abundance of Katherines was my first visit to John Green’s work, and I definitely plan to return; I’ll probably be writing more on this one later.  (Possibly the other two as well, but no promises.)

In progress: The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, by Kelly O’Connor McNees — it’s been going rather slowly, but I’m liking it.  Though the use of language is somewhat different, it pretty quickly plunges you back into the world Alcott herself wrote about.  Also, Jacob Have  I Loved.  In mapping our vacation travels next week, I realized we’d be driving through Delaware and Maryland, very close to the Chesapeake Bay, which immediately brought Jacob to mind and therefore warranted pulling it out for a reread.

About to start: Not sure.  I checked out John Grisham’s two most recent novels on CD for our vacation driving; my husband and my own tastes in books are pretty different, but we’ve found that Grisham is someone whose books we both enjoy listening too.  And I have a few other audiobooks with me on my mp3 player, as well as my paperback beach reads, so I imagine I’ll just have to see what sounds good when the time comes to start something new.

What are you working on this week?


~ by Molly on June 24, 2010.

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