how did we get to december?

So in the last three months, I:

– moved to a new city

– started a new job

– spent four weeks traveling the country for said new job

– eventually managed to (mostly) unpack new place in new city

– attended various wedding/birthday/holiday celebrations

What did I not do?  Read (much) or blog (at all).  Even Twitter fell by the wayside.  But life seems to be finding a routine again, so I am plugging back in. Here’s a quick update on the measly amount of reading I have managed in the last few months:

Recently (as in since I last wrote) finished: The Geography of Bliss and Girl, Interrupted.  Both great works of nonfiction, as I mentioned before. I’d particularly recommend Geography of Bliss, which reads like a strong newspaper or magazine column — witty, observant, opinionated, insightful — and would probably appeal to a wide range of readers, particularly fans of A.J. Jacobs.  I also read Me and Orson Welles, by Robert Kaplow, which I’d bought from a bargain bin up a couple years ago and was inspired to pick up after hearing good things about the recent film adaptation.  A quick, clever read — I’d consider it to be YA-ish?  Kaplow’s protagonist is funny and off-beat, and he captures the Welles-ian theatrical world and his protagonist’s whirlwind encounter with it in a fast-paced narrative. That was one of my travel reads, but something about the pace of being on the road made me inclined to seek out some of my go-to comfort reads, Little Women and its companions, and Bridget Jones’ Diary. Admittedly, these don’t have a whole lot in common, except for offering a friendly sort of companionship while away from home.  In actual recent reading, I picked up Laurie Halse Anderson’s Chains last week — as readers of this blog probably know, I generally have high expectations for LHA’s work, and this one did not disappoint.  I hope to write more on this one soon.

In progress:  I started The Children’s Book on audio some time ago, lost my place, and never got back into it.  Not for lack of interest, though — from the first few chapters, I get the sense that this will be a beautiful story, rich and deep, told in a gradually unwinding manner.  I’m looking forward to plugging back into it soon.

About to start: The recently released Forge, LHA’s sequel to Chains. I’ve been meaning to read Chains for forever, but it turns out my delay worked in my favor, because I can now read the two back to back.

I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading in my loooonnnggg absence — if, that is, you haven’t forgotten about me entirely!


~ by Molly on December 13, 2010.

One Response to “how did we get to december?”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re back 🙂

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