2010 stats

At the start of this year, I was reading a lot.  There was a while that I was averaging two books a week and was on track to read about 100 books throughout the year.  That didn’t quite happen, what with my reading drought this fall.  But, thanks largely to my early pace, I did read more books than last year — a whole 3 more books.  (This is assuming, of course, I don’t read finish anything more in the next 36 hours, which I think is a safe assumption.)

So because I’m a geek and always think trends and stats are interesting, here’s the break-down of what I read this year (with 2009 numbers in parentheses):

  • Total books read: 66 (63)*
  • Books read/completed for the first time: 47 (54)
  • Books re-read: 19 (9)
  • Newly published in 2010: 8 (16)
  • Young Adult/Juvenile: 29 (32)
  • Fiction: 60 (59)
  • Nonfiction: 6 (4)
  • Classic – adult or juvenile: 15

So in summary – I read a little more, reread a lot more, and stayed pretty consistent in proportion of YA/fiction/non-fiction.  One thing that may throw that count off a little bit is my separating juvenile classics (Anne of Avonlea, Little Women, etc) out from YA.  I’m not sure how I counted those types of books last year.  But they’re definitely not YA in today’s sense of the term.

Goals for next year’s reading?  To make time for more consistent reading, to seek out more newly published books, and to be better about consistently blogging!

What did your 2010 reading look like…and what are your plans for 2011?



*distinct books, and to my best calculation


~ by Molly on December 30, 2010.

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