this week

Happy March!  This morning I saw the first daffodil bud of the spring…as I was walking through the falling snow on the way into the office.  If that doesn’t give you a true glimpse of March in Ohio, I don’t know what could.  And my reading, much like the weather, has been all over the place…

Recently finished – I just listened my way through Paoli Bacigalupi’s The Ship Breaker, which totally swept me away.  Two days of driving for work let me have an intensive encounter with it, and this is the type of book that was all the better for it – I’m hoping to write more about it later.  In other audiobook news, I finished The Woman in White, which I loved. It’s a hauntingly beautiful, narrative masterpiece, and if you’re at all a fan of Dickens or George Eliot or the Bronte sisters, I have no doubt you’ll be pulled in the same way I was.  I also did a quick re-read of Little House on the Big Woods last week, primarily because of…

Currently in progress – The Wilder Life.  I’m not terribly far in, but I already feel a deep camaraderie with Wendy McClure based on our shared love of these books, and I think I’m going to intersperse my reading of her book with re-readings of the Little House series.  I’m confident I’m going to have a lot more to say on Wendy and her Little House adventures, but let’s suffice to say for now that this has so far not disappointed in any way.

About to start – Well, probably Little House on the Prarie, as it’s the next LH book in line, but also some fabulous advance copies I’ve received in the past few weeks.  More on these later!

What are you wrapping up winter – or maybe bringing in spring – with?


~ by Molly on March 9, 2012.

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