this week

April was a slow month for reading (and the opposite for everything else in my life, it seems), but with May have come some travels, and with travel comes reading time…

Recently finished – Sadly, not much!  The last book I finished was the recently reviewed Mr. Churchill’s Secretary, but that was well over a month ago.

In progress – I’m winding my way to the end of The House of Velvet and Glass, by Katherine Howe, which has been an intriguing novel.  I’m still collecting my thoughts on it, but I’ll be sure to share soon.  I’ve also started the classic Betsy-Tacy children’s books, which I was thrilled to find were available for lending through my library’s digital offerings.  I’m working through these on ebook, and I’m only in the first one, but I can already tell these are books I’m going to want on my own shelves eventually.  So far, Betsy-Tacy is the type of book that is completely comfortable and familiar – it embraces the adventures of childhood in ways that so many other books do as well (I’m particularly reminded of the All-of-a-Kind Family books) – but at the same time it’s characters and stories are charmingly unique as well.

On the back burner – Somehow, I got distracted from The Wilder Life, though through no fault of its own.  I suppose not being a novel, it’s the type of book that’s easy to read in pieces and put back down, but I certainly have every intention of getting back to it.  And with it, my intention of rereading the Little House books has gotten waylaid as well.

About to start: I have Jennifer Weiner’s newest book (Then Came You) with me on this trip.  Since I’m looking at spending a good chunk of today in an airport and on a plane, it’s very likely I’ll wrap up the Howe novel and jump into this one.  Although there’s been one or two of hers I’ve liked less than the others, Weiner can typically be counted on for a good, funny, quick read, just right for traveling.  And a friend of mine just mentioned yesterday how much she liked this one, so I’m counting on it being a good one.

Has anything interesting crossed your path this spring?  What are you working on?


~ by Molly on May 23, 2012.

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