this week

Not sure how we got to August already, but here’s what I’ve been reading on the way there…

Recently finished: Yesterday, I wrapped up Liar & Spy, by Rebecca Stead (the Newbery Award winner for When You Reach Me).  I loved it so much I very nearly started reading it over again from the beginning.  I definitely intend to write a more extensive (possibly gushing) post soon.  Also, the always reliable Jennifer Weiner’s newest, The Next Best Thing.  A fun, quick, catching read, as her books usually are.  I don’t think this one was one of her best, but the insights into the making of a TV show were fun, and I loved the ending.

In progress: Ten Girls to Watch – I’m literally only about three pages in, so not much in the way of impressions yet.  But it feels like the right weight to wind down the summer months with.

About to start: Not sure.  I have the new Mark Haddon lying around, which I’m intrigued by, though apparently not enough to actually pick it up yet.  Though the same could be said for about 300 other unread books sitting on my shelves as well.  (300 might be an exaggeration.  But it also might not be…)

What are you wrapping up your summer with?


~ by Molly on August 8, 2012.

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